John Cleese is back, "staying ahead of the curve in the funny business"

TBS Department of Humor Analysis is painstakingly collecting data about what humans find funny, and then subsequently shredding it, so that then they don't have to share their results with anybody...

Believing in hands-on experiential learning (and I can't believe they didn't take advantage of a slogan like that!!), they offer great "educational" activities in the so-called "Humor Lab"! Like...

  • Random humor survey
  • Watch funny shorts
  • Build your own laugh track
  • Make your own funny movie
  • International pun translation
  • Create your own future sitcom
  • Anthropomorphize it!
  • Make your own terribly humorous wallpaper

Have at it!

If you come up with any particularly good ones, be sure to email 'em here! What can I say? I'm always looking for good material!! :-)

(another high quality link via the Presurfer!!)

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