I once read that the average life span of an active blog was about 9 months. So, I seem to be right on schedule.

I've got to figure out another posting schedule... I love sharing interesting things that I find with lots of people, and I even have a backlog of stuff to share. But these days my history and current events posts have been going on my classroom blogs, and I just can't keep posting on my personal blog daily (or even multiple times daily...)

But please don't go away! I will be back after my midlife blog crisis!! (If you'd like to be notified when "Michelle's Mental Clutter" will be back up and running on at least some kind of schedule, please enter your email in the sidebar on the right... I promise your email won't be used for anything else!!)

Thanks as always for your kind attention and patience, and best wishes until we're together again!
Love, Michelle

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SharonZ said...

Sorry to hear that you're having a mid-life crisis--hope it doesn't last too long! I've enjoyed your blog and will be waiting for your return.