BookCrossing In Cultural Theory: Take the Survey!

"Here's an easy way to touch base with your inner student — help a Doctoral candidate and talk about BookCrossing all in one swoop.

BookCrossing member Lynne McNeill — a.k.a.
CrazyCatLady — is a Doctoral student in Folklore Studies with Memorial University of Newfoundland. She is writing her dissertation on BookCrossing and other similar activities such as GeoCaching and LetterBoxing. As she notes, 'BookCrossing is an excellent example of a whole class of contemporary activities that deal with the concepts of travel, space, and community in a global society.'

You can help out and be a part of the research by taking the survey at More information about Lynne's doctoral dissertation project and contact information can also be found at the link. Your participation is voluntary and your information confidential."


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