UPDATED: Artists erect giant pink bunny on Italian mountain

This doesn't seem possible... but who knows?

I stand corrected... Here's the poster!

(Darn... there was a fair, food and drink, dancing and music, and--not to mention--a 200-foot giant crocheted pink rabbit... Sorry I missed it!!)

And the rabbit itself? Tom sends a view of it already mounted by brave hikers. Note, he observes, the entrails...

The press release from the Gelitin art group reads,

"The things one finds wandering in a landscape: familiar things and utterly unknown, like a flower one has never seen before, or, as Columbus discovered, an inexplicable continent; and then, behind a hill, as if knitted by giant grandmothers, lies this vast rabbit, to make you feel as small as a daisy. The toilet-paper-pink creature lies on its back: a rabbit-mountain like Gulliver in Lilliput. Happy you feel as you climb up along its ears, almost falling into its cavernous mouth, to the belly-summit and look out over the pink woolen landscape of the rabbit's body, a country dropped from the sky; ears and limbs sneaking into the distance; from its side flowing heart, liver and intestines. Happily in love you step down the decaying corpse, through the wound, now small like a maggot, over woolen kidney and bowel. Happy you leave like the larva that gets its wings from an innocent carcass at the roadside. Such is the happiness which made this rabbit. i love the rabbit the rabbit loves me."

Oooh... I want one! :-)

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Tom said...

I hope someone does some time-lapse photography. Like a child's plush toy left out in the woods, I bet this gets really nasty long before 2025, the supposed end date of the display.

Hmmm, maybe a future GoogleEarth update will allow this to be seen from Space!