Well-Travelled Gargoyle Comes Home to Vermont

"Sally Beyor noticed he was gone in mid-June. One of the two gargoyles that have sat atop the stone pillars at the end of her Fairfax driveway for two years had disappeared. She called her lawyer to make a note of it and then wrote off the incident to pranksters.

It turned out that the gargoyle was simply taking a vacation. Perhaps inspired by the French film 'Amelie' or the traveling lawn gnome in the Travelocity.com commercials, this gargoyle had an adventure of his own. He returned to the same pillar top in mid-August as if nothing had happened.

'I was sitting outside having coffee with my tenant ... when he looks up and says, 'Hey, the gargoyle's back,' Beyor said. Beyor replied, 'Maybe there's a note,' and to her surprise, there was.

'Had a great trip. It's good to be home! Gargy,' said the note that also came with a $20 bill and photos of his trip." [
more from The Rapid City Journal]

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