"Class, Race and Katrina: A Perfect Storm"

Since I've been travelling and getting ready for the new semester this week, and able to watch the media on Katrina only every now and then to get the updates on the latest data, I wouldn't presume to accept wholesale this claim without investigating.

But, still... as a Southerner by birth, and a one-time Louisianian by residence, I think we need to start demanding explanations as to why the U.S. has suffered a higher percentage of human casualties than many so-called "Third World" countries in similar circumstances. To me, it looks like class and race were definitely deciding factors for who lived and who died. I understand and appreciate many people's various opinions about welfare, but stranding and leaving thousands of impoverished people to drown is a crime against humanity.

And, as in any case of negligence, somebody needs to answer for it.

UPDATED (9/02):
"New Orleans is sinking. According to a Houston Chronicle article FEMA warned in 2001 that the three most likely, most catastrophic disasters facing the United States were 1. A terrorist attack on New York City. 2. Flooding in New Orleans. 3. A San Francisco earthquake..." (from grow-a-brain)


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