Before Wallace & Gromit, there was "Creature Comforts"!

I saw this wonderful short from the same folks who bring us "Wallace & Gromit," about wild animals stuck in an English zoo, years ago when it first came out and I've remembered it fondly ever since! Enjoy!

AtomFilms: "Creature Comforts"

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Tom said...

Yesterday must have been a weird day for Nick Park: "Your film is #1 in America! Oh, and your warehouse burned down!"

There's a new DVD edition of the original 3 WALLACE & GROMIT shorts. This one also has the 10 2-minute "Cracking Contraptions" shorts released on the Internet a couple of years ago (basically practice for the animators of the new movie). Darn, I was hoping they'd put those on the movie DVD, when it came out. Guess I'll end up buying the shorts collection... again.

Gotta say, the Burger King kids meal toys for the new movie are pretty lame. Which is too bad, KFC did some great W&G toys a few years ago, and then the Burger King ones for CHICKEN RUN were good.

Finally....I'm sure they'll fix the typo, but the Chicago Sun-Times webpage referred to the new movie as "The Curse of the Were-Rabbi." Rabbi. Hmmm. Maybe the sequel will be THE WERE-RABBI VS. THE GOLEM!