Italians spooked by Halloween (seriously!)

Italians don't naturally celebrate Halloween. But it's getting there...

Still, Italy can have a scary side... Check out:

Want treats (dolcetti) instead of tricks (scherzetti)? Even without Halloween, there are a number of traditional Italian sweets for this time of year!


UPDATED (Nov. 1): Two fourteen year-old boys shot by an elderly man near Turin while they were trick-or-treating yesterday undergo surgery today... [more in Italian]

Plus, the "official" Halloween in Italy site: halloween.it

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Tom said...

A friend of mine in the U.K. reported she had 15 trick-or-treaters Sunday night, so Halloween seems to be catching on there too.

When I was over there in October 1999, it was sort of half-hearted. But we did manage to find a cardboard skeleton at a grocery store, which I needed for my Second Piltdown Man Hoax photo.

I wonder why in the 21st century Halloween is becoming more popular in Europe? I would wager in all seriousness that a lot of it is because of the popularity of THE SIMPSONS overseas, and the yearly injection of now 16 Halloween specials from it. It's had a cumulative effect, planted a seed in people's heads.

Meanwhile, I only had 13 trick-or-treaters tonight, usually I have twice that!