Dateline: Metro Atlanta - Bear vs. Birdfeeder

Check out these wonderful photos of a smarter-than-your-average bear!

Not to mention these fun comments from Metafilter...

"Although many people find it difficult to believe, an animal as large and powerful as black bear is readily attracted to bird feeders as a source of food. Black bears are for the most part vegetarians, and bird seed, even in minute quantities is a highly desirable food for them. In many cases, it is the food of choice and will be sought out over other natural foods."

"The even crazier thing about these pictures (oddly, these are friends of friends pics) is that this is in metro Atlanta - Dunwoody for those of you from down here. Surprising to know that we have bears this close in to the city..."

"So what we need is one of those birdfeeders that spin around and fling the bears off." :-)

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