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Was just browsing IMDb for "...films around the world that were the first to use an entirely 'digital backlot' (i.e. the actors were all shot in front of blue- and green-screens with all the backgrounds added in post-production, a technique which has been used for TV, video and video game production for many years). Fans debate on which movie was shot first, but the other movies include: Immortel (2004), Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004), Casshern (2004), and Sin City (2005)."

And couldn't resist this goof for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow...
"Factual errors: 15 minutes into the film, there is a montage of newspaper headlines in English, French, German, Russian and Japanese. The writer/director and production designer admit that they used Internet translators for the headlines, so these may be inaccurate. For example, in the French headline, 'Gouvernement' (Government) and 'Tour Eiffel' (Eiffel Tower) are misspelled. Another example is the German headline 'Grosse Metalle Maschinen stehlen stehlen Reserven'. If literally translated it means 'Big metals machines steal steal reserves', which makes no sense. How ever it should be 'Big metal machines steal steel reserves', which should be translated as 'Grosse Metallmaschinen stehlen Stahlreserven'."

A budget of $70 million, and they can't be bothered with hiring French or German proofreaders? (Must be the high cost of that pesky euro...)

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