"Weird and wonderful vocabulary from around the world"

Ah... not unlike the stories of the 400 eskimo words for snow, what seems like a large number of words like "schmuck" in Yiddish (another great post, apparently completely factual, on the journalist Peter Schmuck who once interviewed baseball player J.J. Putz here), and the story of Venetians who apparently have specific words for things like the reflection of sunlight from a canal onto a ceiling (which seems rather more lyrical, and yet I've never been able to find again... not even from Venetians!)

"How come only German has a word for 'a person who leaves without paying the bill' (Zechpreller) or that Albanians need 27 words for moustache? A compelling new book uncovers the globe's most weird, wonderful - and meaningful - words."
(While it seems to be a fun read, it's not apparently too reliable, however, as you can see here or here...)

(from Metafilter)

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