Dress Kevin

Kevin is a sartorially challenged operations manager living in Hoboken, New Jersey. Not long ago, he experienced a stunning epiphany: 'I figured, why don't I let other people pick what I wear, since it'll leave out a lot of the guesswork.' So now you get to log on to Kevin's web site and vote for what clothes he's going to put on for any given occasion: a cocktail party, a run after work, Monday Night Football, etc. Sadly, many of Kevin's voters don't seem to have our hero's best interests in mind -- look at what he wore to ShopRite the other night. Yes, this is all incredibly dorky, but Kevin has big plans for the web site, and may wind up scoring some free clothes in the process. So way to go Kevin! Oh, and Kev? Lose the brown-and-green polo shirt."

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