Wax on Wax HOFF

Northern Europeans are fascinated with David Hasselhoff.
Join the mania!
(You know you've always wanted to...)

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Tom said...

Ok, this may require some explanation. I recently saw the SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS dvd, which is actually a pretty good movie.

However, the end sequence has a very strange chase/battle sequence with Spongebob & his chum Versus the villain, who's a Prawn or some damn thing. Now, for reasons that are hard to explain, this scene takes place entirely on David Hasselhoff's back and legs.

It's sort of like a Hitchcock thing of having the finale on Mount Rushmore or something.

Weirder still, the Extras on the DVD reveal... well, let me quote my friend Lee:

"I have kids, and actually had to endure the movie, and the making of the movie. The Hastlehoff that Patrick & SpongeBob ride on is actually a 14-foot model. The making of the Hastlehoff model was nearly unbearable. People were gathered around it sanding it, and imbedding yardlong chest hair in it. They looked like Liliputians worshipping Gulliver at a day spa. The shot of them pulling the ginormous grinning model behind a motorboat was surreal, and scarred everyone's psyche, even the kids. They asked never to see that portion of the film again."

Ok, back to Tom again:
I have to wonder what happened to that giant David Hasselhoff statue after filming was complete. I imagine it washed out to sea and eventually ended up on an island in the South Pacific, where it is worshipped by a Cargo Cult.

They chant the Baywatch theme:

"Some people stand in the darkness,
Afraid to step into the light,
And some people need to help somebody,
When the edge of surrender's in sight."