"How Italians talk with their hands"

Kind reader Eliana sent me a fabulous link on "How Italians talk with their hands"!

It's from
Eurocosm, which is (among other things) a language-teaching website, so all of the descriptions of these quintessential Italian gestures are actually in Italian, but the videos of them being performed by "Antonella" are a hoot, whether or not you can read the language!!

As a public service, I thought I'd also give you a quick index of the gestures' videos here... (Of course, some of these can't possibly be adequately translated into English, but in those cases I give at least a rough approximation!) Enjoy!!

  1. "What the heck do you want?!"
  2. "Mmm... good!"
  3. "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."
  4. "To steal..."
  5. "You steal!"
  6. "Somebody's lining his pocket."
  7. "What's that supposed to mean?!"
  8. "Me... you... him... us."
  9. Bloopers
  10. "Oh, no!"
  11. "Alexander?" (Implied: "He's a hottie!")
  12. "Sweet!" or "Great!"
  13. "What a bore!"
  14. "Enough!"
  15. "Okay, listen to me."
  16. "P-U!"
  17. "Just listen a little to this!"
  18. "Would you listen to this?"
  19. "Darn it!"
  20. "I'm going to kick your butt." (sort of... pretty vulgar!)
  21. "Idiot!"
  22. "I forgot!"
  23. "What's its name...?"
  24. "Please!"
  25. "Don't get me started."
  26. "And how!" (One of my all-time favorite Italian sounds and gestures!)
  27. "He's out of his head."
  28. An Italian equivalent of "flipping somebody off" (very offensive!)
  29. "Scaredy-cat!" (actually closer to "need to change your pants?")
  30. "Cut to the chase!"
  31. "I told you not to do that!"
  32. "Cut it out."
  33. "He's been drinking."
  34. "What do you say we go for a spin?"
  35. "It's not like we're all idiots!"
  36. "Those two... are like this."
  37. "See you back here."
  38. "Gross!"
  39. "Yes, in fact!"
  40. "See you later."
  41. "So, I'll explain..."
  42. "I wouldn't know..."
  43. "Without a doubt!"
  44. "Come, come!"
  45. "And so?"
  46. "Don't do that!"
  47. "What fault is it of mine?"
  48. "You're cruising for a bruising!"
  49. "I felt something special..."
  50. Wonderful!
  51. "What a pain in the neck!"
  52. "Oh, mamma mia!"
  53. "I've got it!" (like a great idea...)
  54. "Beats me!" (My other favorite Italian sound & gesture!!)
  55. "Perfect!"
  56. "Give me a break!"
  57. "Sneaky!"
  58. "You give me indigestion!"
  59. "Huh?"
  60. "It's sold out."
  61. "It's clear."
  62. "What the heck do you want from me?"
  63. "Do I have to change trains?"
  64. To ward off bad luck.
  65. "First... second... third."
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