Snapshot of nearly 4 months of MMC

I'm in the process of switching counters, so here's a quick snapshot of the last nearly 4 months on Michelle's Mental Clutter...

It's not by any means near the top blogs at Technorati, but I'm gratified. After all, I may only just break the top 200,000 or so, but Technorati tracks over 18 million sites... so I guess it's all relative! :-)

I started this blog back in June because, love Venice though I do, I was so terribly homesick for my friends stateside that I wanted to pretend that somehow I was still in the loop. I'm not sure how effective that plan actually turned out to be... but since then, when time permits, I've posted prose, poetry and photos, not to mention the latest news about whatever grounds I'm stomping at the moment! When time permits less, I still post fun and unusual links about life, the universe and everything. By now, I have over 350 posts in over 20 different subject categories. After all, my brain's full... and the rest has to go somewhere!

Thanks as always for your kind attention!
Sincerely, Michelle



Anonymous said...

Hihihi. I'm too cheap to pony up the $5 signup fee on ask mefi, but I thought I'd let you know has the caravaggio print you're looking for:

Michelle said...

Wow! Thanks a million!!!!! :-)