"100 Greatest Pop Songs Since 1963"

After Rolling Stone's 500 greatest songs of the rock era, there's now "the 100 greatest pop songs since 1963, determined by experts at MTV and Rolling Stone magazine.

Whether you agree with the list or not, good news is that you can download all of these songs." (from
The Presurfer - Your Daily Dose of Diversion)

Wow, from one extreme to another!

While in Rolling Stone's top 500 there were only three songs from all of the last 25 years in the top 10% (and only about 80 in all), fewer than half of the "100 greatest pop songs" are pre-1980 (and, of the rest, about 30% are from the last 15 years alone!)

I'd say that surely the role of MTV is throwing things a bit off here, but I guess that mathematically that's just about right... but whether one agrees with specific songs on the list is another matter! Whatcha think?

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