"Take that, ya lousy asteroid! Yeah, how about that, huh?
There's more where that came from!

I hadn't even heard of
this. The Japanese have this probe that's a month or two from making a landing on an asteroid... Apparently in an attempt to outdo NASA crashing that Deep Impact probe headfirst into a comet, this one actually has a gun they're going to shoot the asteroid with.. The point of the gun is to cause particles to fly up into a collection chamber. Then it's going to bring the samples back to Earth.

If bad movies have taught me anything (and they have), that's just the sort of thing that starts a zombie plague loose on Earth!

I'm a little skeptical this will all work out as planned, but I'm rooting for it.

*BLAM* 'That's for wiping out the dinosaurs!'
*BLAM* 'And that's for 50,000 BC Arizona!'
*BLAM* 'And that's for 1908 Tunuska! We will never forget...'

Oh, while I'm at it I might as well plug my Flash game where you try to save the Earth from an asteroid:

(From Planet Tom)

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Tom said...

'Stroid game: I myself can't get beyond level 5, but somebody told me they got to level 6, so I guess it is possible.

Note that when the game is in play, there's an Easter Egg... or rather, an Easter Island Egg...