Astronomical Italian Food!!

There's another recent food commercial that's so typically Italian (and that I don't think you'd ever see starring Americans in the States).
I can't find a link to it on the net, so I'll just have to give you the synopsis here:

Andrea, a space engineer, has friends over for dinner. He serves them box wine (which often in Italy is actually quite passable!) They're marvelling at its good ol' fashioned flavor in its new-fangled packaging, when one of the friends says, "Andrea! This would be perfect for space!!" Scene shifts to Andrea in a space capsule, sitting down to an abundant plate of spaghetti and pouring himself some wine. But while the pasta seems to ignore the laws of gravity, the wine doesn't... and floats off in small globules to be gulped up by another astronaut. No wimpy Tang for these guys!! (Somehow, though, I just can't imagine the astronauts on the space shuttle sitting down to enjoy a good chianti with their freeze-dried meal before landing...)

Actually, you know how in Star Trek there were always all these myriad ethnicities all over the place? Well, you still practically never saw an Italian (unless of course he was a hapless redshirt!) "Why is that?" I always used to tease my Italian husband. "Are there no Italians in space in the future??" Finally, I decided that there must be, and that somewhere there's actually a U.S.S. Garibaldi (or maybe the U.S.S. Dolce Vita?) but it's the most laidback ship in all of Starfleet, with everybody almost always on cigarette or coffee breaks (not to mention aperitifs!) Hey, can anybody come up with a better explanation?

In the meantime, more Italian food in the news (from Zoomata)...

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Tom said...

Trek does seem devoid of Italians, but then, in recent Trek series, ethnicity has been in terms of forehead ridges and whatnot.

Babylon5 does have a Garibaldi character, though he's definitely Italian-American.