Still Missing... One 40-Foot, 5-Ton Crane!

The television news of Canale 5 reported today that in Trieste, the easternmost port city of northern Italy, an enormous, five-metric-ton crane was discovered missing just before evening last Friday.

Nobody knows where it's gone, or how or when it could have been removed without anyone noticing, or where anybody could possibly be hiding the darn thing!

More updates as the story develops...

UPDATED (Aug. 24): According to ANSA.it, the nearly forty-foot-tall crane is still missing, and the Triestino police still haven't turned up any positive leads. Most hypothesize that the crane was stolen by being loaded on a ship. However, this would have had to happen in broad daylight, and no one, either inside the port or out, apparently saw anything. What's more, the crane was supposedly equipped with GPS, but its signal has been lost.

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