The Aristocratic Version of "Trainspotting"?
Yacht Spotting!

The aristocratic version of "trainspotting":
The World's 100 Largest Yachts (from The Presurfer)

For comparision, I've seen the QM2 in Maine (I thought we were going to have to dig a bigger harbor for it!), and over the years on the waterfront here in Venice, I've actually seen some of these "mega-yachts"!

(That I remember, that is. I don't usually make too much of a mental note of them, except when I'm pondering how obscenely huge they are!!)

For example, I'm pretty sure that both Stargate and Zenobia have been here this summer...

From the top 10, in the past, I know there's also been Le Grand Bleu and, the number one big daddy of them all, Octopus.
(You couldn't miss 'em!)

I'll see if I can dig up the email I wrote to friends on the apparition of Octopus last year... (If any of you reading this has got still got it, please forward it my way!)

UPDATED (Aug. 12): More on yachts in Venice...


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