Eat like the Pope!

I was hanging out at my in-laws' house recently during riposo (the Italian version of the midday siesta), when I began to peruse a stash of older celebrity gossip magazines from right about the time when Pope Benedict XVI was elected.

Now, these mags are rather a "happy medium" between People and The National Enquirer. So, what was kind of humorous was that they were clearly at a complete loss about what was appropriately "gossipable" about the new pontiff.

As a result, they tended to focus on trying to reveal to their readers his favorite things, like music and cats, for example...

I particularly enjoyed the article on the Pope's favorite Italian food!

Apparently, as Cardinal, his favorite Italian restaurant in Rome was always the Ristorante al Passetto di Borgo (named for its proximity to the long, fortified passageway that leads from the Vatican to that great papal fortress in times past of Castel Sant'Angelo).

There, his favorite meal is apparently a medley of great Italian classics, and the magazine even gave its own recipes for each dish... I guess should you want to eat like a pontiff, or else in case he should ever just pop by for dinner! :-)

As a public service (because you never know when it could come in handy!) I reproduce Benedict XVI's favorite Italian menu here (with links to Italian Made...)

For first course...
Pasta alla Carbonara
Second course...
Roasted Veal
Artichokes Roman-Style
And last, but certainly not least.... his favorite dessert is Tiramisu'.

Now, that's what I call a heavenly meal!

Buon Appetito!!

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