"List of amusingly-named towns"

While some might find these names truly offensive, keep in mind that in other languages such words don't have the same meaning! (In France, of course, that'd be "foodj packay"! But then again, I don't guess that the town in the U.S. can claim any such excuse...)

List of amusingly-named towns (from grow-a-brain)

Talk about when life gives you lemons!

Personally, I like the story about the
tiny village in Austria,

"whose sole industry consists of allowing tourists to have their photo taken alongside the town sign on the main road. In fiscal 2003 (the last year for which figures are available), the town made €32,980 in photo fees - remarkable because the town only charge €2.00 per photo. Unfortunately, the town spent €48,250 to replace stolen signs..."

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