UPDATED AGAIN: James Bond's Next Sexy Car?
The Fiat "Panda"!

ANSA.it - News in English - James Bond switches to Fiat Panda
(Aug. 3)

Fiat Panda in Casino Royale

And the
Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports that "it hasn't been decided how many gadgets the Panda will have, but Brosnan is enthusiastic," and notes that while an Aston Marton costs 140,000 pounds, the Panda is a mere economic 6,000.

(I guess Blair's cut M's budget!!)

UPDATE (Aug. 8): Collection of Metafilter links regarding Bond's Panda.


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Tom said...

Odd that they report "Brosnan is enthusiastic" since he's not going to be in the movie.

I recently saw the made for HBO movie THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PETER SELLERS, which at least goes something towards explaining why the 1967 CASINO ROYALE is such a weird, weird movie...