Holy Cow! The "Holy Grail" is *Venetian*?!

Last night, we enjoyed on Italian television one of the bizillion of those documentaries these days on the Holy Grail. Apparently, one of the claimants to the title is a glass bowl found in an ancient holy well at Glastonbury in England. The glass seems likely to be Venetian, however, and therefore too young to be the real thing! (And, interestingly enough, a picture of it doesn't seem to be available on the web!! Hmmm...)

My Venetian husband was particularly amused by that. "Can you imagine?" he laughed, and then shifting to Venetian dialect to make fun of the city's many, many once-and-future hucksters, "Sti' inglesi! I finally managed to sell that worthless piece of glass!!"

The documentary followed with an examination of a couple of the other "grails" about Europe, including the one in Genoa (picture at right) which was apparently brought back during the Crusades and is supposed to be the platter on which they served the Passover roast lamb at the Last Supper. With all our own recent Christmastide feasting in mind, my hubby jokingly wondered if you could eat however much you wanted from that miraculous platter, and never get indigestion! :-)

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