Newsflash - "Italy's PM: No sex until election"

Considering the other recent "newsflash" that lust was real low on Italians' list of deadly sins (especially when compared to gluttony), not only do I not believe this... but I don't really get how this is supposed to win him votes in Italy!

Now, maybe if he decided to fast for Lent, that'd be a sacrifice!! :-)

(BTW, wasn't there an old SNL Emily Litella sketch something like this??)


Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a misprint. What he may have said was "There would be no sex till an Erection". Considering his age, this is a possibility. Poverati!!!!!


Michelle said...

Oops, I just added that to the original post before looking at the comments. Looks like Mom beat me to the punchline!! :-)