"Painted Dreams," or...
"The Pain-Free Way to Achieving Your Naked Ambitions"

La Repubblica's monthly XL magazine has a great story on a new book by make-up artist Joanne Gair called Sogni dipinti: Come realizzare senza fatica le vostre piĆ¹ intime ambizioni. It seems a really fun and clever romp through illusions created by body painting! (Look very closely at the photo above!) See more of Gair's marvelous images, and then be sure not to miss how'd she do it, explained!

Don't necessarily need the Italian edition? Luckily, Gair's book is also available in English as Paint A 'Licious: The Pain-Free Way to Achieving Your Naked Ambitions!

Want more incredible body art that really makes the most out of the "human canvas"? Check out the links here (although be warned that some, while certainly artistic, may be NSFW!)

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