Insider's Guide to Venice: Coffee in Piazza San Marco

Napoleon called Saint Mark's Square the finest drawing room in Europe. And it is lovely (if you don't count the pigeons!)

But if you sit outside at Florian's or another cafe' in the piazza, expect to pay through the nose for the view!

(Just a note: on those very rare occasions when I've gone to Florian's, I prefer to spend the money soaking up the ambience in the same eighteenth-century coffee shop where apparently Casanova decided to grab a quick coffee just after his escape from the prisons of the Republic, just before he high-tailed it out of town...)

An alternative? Facing St. Mark's Basilica is the Correr Museum, perfect if you're an afficionado of Venetian art and history (because there's a little bit of absolutely everything there about Venice), or else enjoy museums but are only visiting Venice and don't plan to see other places in Italy (precisely because, in everything about Venice, there's a taste of a lot that's Italian!)

Within the museum is a little cafe', and the coffee will cost you nearly twice as much if you sit at a table than if you drink it standing up at the bar, but for something like four or five euros, you'll be paying a very small fraction of what you'd pay down in the square!

Not to mention that you'll have an even better, breakthtaking view (pictured above), and be out of the elements and away from those nasty pigeons.

(And, yes, they are nasty!!)

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Anonymous said...

Wish I were there for a coffee. The pic sure makes me miss venice.