REPOST: "The Royal Navy Sings Queen!"

I'm reposting this from August 25... since the original link I put up is now dead, and I found the video (albeit with some sync problems) on

I've read more than once that sailors' lives are often filled with stultifying boredom, punctuated by periodic episodes of utterly frenetic activity. I think this video may just prove it! Enjoy!!
You've just got to love armed forces with a sense of humor!

If you haven't seen this video, you oughta!

The Sun Online - News: They're sing the Navy!: "ROYAL Navy sailors have come up with a hilarious spoof of Queen's mega hit Bohemian Rhapsody... called Bohemian Wardroom..."

What does Her Majesty's Navy think of it?

From the horse's mouth (or
website, as it were)...
"Officers from the frigate HMS Campbeltown have found unexpected fame as a result of a fun video which has attracted national media attention. Lieutenant Scott 'Stimpy' Simpson, then the ship’s Lynx helicopter Observer, assembled the video using officers serving in the ship in the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and the Gulf last year to mime to Queen’s 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. The video was intended as a one-off, but the ship’s company liked it so much that they raised over £800 for the Devonport-based ship’s charities to have their own copies. The ship, which returned to the UK in December, has since been deployed to the Middle East again and is now on patrol in the Gulf . Lt Simpson and others are now in different jobs, but most starring in the film are still serving in HMS Campbeltown. Lt Cdr Nick Ryan, the ship’s Marine Engineer Officer and PRO, said: 'The video was made as something fun to do and for our own entertainment on board. Although it was never intended to distribute it, we are very glad that it has portrayed the Navy in a positive light.' The whole the ship’s company, in fact, are delighted with the fact that the light-hearted video has highlighted HMS Campbeltown’s serious role on behalf of the UK in the Gulf."

Doesn't quite live up to its press as knee-slappingly hilarious, but decidedly cute... (The bow "air-guitar" and the homage to Wayne's World in the chopper are the best parts!)

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