Love letters...

Looking over the long course of my romance with my once-fiance'/now-husband, I realize that "love letters" largely went the way of the "lovEmail," written in abundance in those seemingly interminable periods when we were separated on two different continents because of our professional lives. And that went off and on for a good six years!

For these last six years, however, we've finally been thoroughly blessed to be together for our professional lives. As a result, as is the fate of most married couples, I imagine... I've realized that those "loveEmails" (fruit of so many terrible hours of pained longing) have largely disappeared from our relationship now.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you! It's not that I am thinking these days that I need to receive more love letters from my better half, but rather that I really ought to be writing them... putting down in words (not to mention for posterity, should posterity ever care) all those little things I adore about him which flash so continuously through my mind that I hardly register them consciously any more (although each and every time they do still bring a smile to my lips!)

So, I've decided to work on a constantly-evolving love letter, in perpetual progress, to my husband. After 12 wonderful years of being together and nearly 6 years of marriage, I feel like it's the least I can offer in return! We'll see if I can manage to generate some missive worthy enough by our anniversary next month! (No pressure!)

P.S. Hey, now I'm curious.... (and not just because I want to steal other people's ideas!)

In ya'll's opinion, what is indispensible for the love letters you give and/or receive? What makes the most impact, do you think? What makes you feel most special and loved?? (It's time, I think, that I need to reevaluate and celebrate the genre as a whole!!) Thanks!! :-)

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